DDR2 Need help on Deciding.

I am purchases new ram for my PC i only have two slots, going from 2gb to 4 gb and i found a guy on ebay near me only 10 miles away, and i cant seem to find out which is better the price difference is big.

Current Set up

MotherBoard: WMCP78M
CPU: 4850e
HD: Hitachi 320
Ram: 2GB Samsung
Onboard Vid: Geforce 9200
PSU: 220 Watt

Slowing upgrading this PC since my funds are very limited.

Here are the ram chips i can decide on. I was so close to buying the 75 dollar ram cause i figured the price difference means better but i thought i better find out first lol
Please let me know what is better and why please thanks
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    go with the crucial but upgrade your power supply or youll have problems its 220w thats barely enough for anything
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