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Voltage mod

So I'm being cheap here and wondering if I can save a buck.
I have a water pump that needs 16V to work at full speed but PSUs are not designed with 16V outputs.

It's a Corsair hx 750W psu and I don't mind modifying the cables but I'd prefer not to open the case (7 year warranty). I have a nice electronics store nearby (resistors and capacitors and such) and have decent soldering experience.

Apparently I've forgotten my basic electricity course I took some years ago and have no idea if this kind of mod makes sense. Any electricians here that could enlighten me and perhaps point me in a direction?
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  1. how many watts does the pump need to work?.

    and what is the amp's output for the pci-e cable

    id recomend not opening up psu

    if it can be done best doing it through a cable (personally though, i would buy another psu for it)
  2. I'm using the pump to cool my computer so another psu would not be feasible.

    The correct way would be to buy this:

    It costs $50 though, and i don't need variance.

    The pump is a d5-strong. no idea how many watts it need but here's an article on it:
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    Since you require a step up of the voltage there is no way of getting the higher voltage without using a DC to DC power supply.

    The Koolance CTR-SPD24 10-24 Volt Speed Controller does the DC to DC conversion along with the inclusion of variable voltage output whereas you just want a fixed output. You will have to use the same type of DC to DC conversion circuit and it involves more than resistors and capacitors.
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