EL1210-01e WMCP78M BIOS update help

Ok i have a Emachine EL1210-01e WMCP78M and i have updated the BIOS to the newest i could find, R01-B0
And my issue is, When going to the Acer Support site for the Acer model of my PC the x1200, or the Emachine site there is no BIOS update for download,

So i go to Phoenix Technologies site they send me to BIOSAgentPlus, So anyways i go to it and download the software and sure enough it says my BIOS it out of date, and wont tell me any more info, and they want me to pay 29.99 *** that lol.

So along my last two weeks of searching i came across this http://www.manualowl.com/m/Acer%20Computers/X1200-ED5200A/Manual/114650

And it shows the bios in the pics with SO MANY DAMN OPTIONS AVAILABLE like its awesome.

But i cant find the darn bios for download

Please help me if anyone has a membership for BIOSAgentPlus would be very nice to help me out on this one i NEED more options in my bios lol
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  1. I really need some help on this issue
  2. Ok so i been doing more digging and found out that my motherboard is also in Acer Aspire X1301 and with a new bios Update available for download

    P01.A2 2010/02/25

    Do you think its safe to try and update my bios with this one?
  3. never mind wont work i tried it and it wont work......................... :(
  4. anyone able to help me?
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