Disable BIOS auto-detect hard disk settings

How to disable Auto-Detect function for IDE hard disk on BIOS settings AMIBIOS Released: 05/09/2003?
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  1. easy unplug the drive.. lol it wont be detected then .. its actually not something you can turn on or off ..
  2. The real question is:

    WHY are you asking this?
  3. photonboy said:
    The real question is:

    WHY are you asking this?

    Sadly I also need this question answered ( sorry for digging up old posts ).
    I use Blancco wiping software for my job, and just about all the HP model desktops / laptops have their DCO's locked on the HDD, and I get an error from Blancco about it. I've dug around the BIOS the best I could but haven't had any luck with figuring out what option would even correlate to the DCO.
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