Need help picking motherboard

Hello All,

As the title says i am looking for a motherboard for my build, the requirements for this motherboard are as follows:

6 fan headers and 1 cpu fan header

sli capabilities

4 dimm slots ddr3

z77 chipset

great audio

inbuilt wifi

overclocking abilities

minimum 6 sata ports

Currently looking at asus maximus v formula, however alot of people have told me that it is overkill.

Any help will be appreciated.

Other information:

Gtx 670 windforce 3x (getting a second one later)

4x4gb corsair vengeance low profile

i5 3570k
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    I gave you a board selection to choose from, in case you have a brand preference. Some folks go with asus only, which is fine, but they have some lemons ocassionally just like the other manufacturers. The first item, a six fan controller, will save you from overspending on the board.
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