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Hi all, I recently got a new IPS display whose native resolution is 1920x1200. I already have an LCD with a native resolution of 1920x1080. I am running a 5850. Today, I tried to set up an SLS via the Catalyst Control System. Everything worked out fine, except for one problem--my eyefinity resolution is 3840x1080--it shows up fine on the 1920x1080 screen, but the image that shows up on my 1920x1200 display is distorted--it shows a 1920x1080 image over the entire display, which obviously is a problem, since its native resolution is 1920x1200. Is there any fix for this? I'm ok with having black bars on the top and bottom of the 1920x1200 display, as long as the image is not distorted. Thanks in advance.
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  1. yeah i dont think eyefinity works well with different resolutions or monitors with different size...
    only thing i can think of is try to use the control panel on your monitor to reduze the screen size and leave those black bars u were talking about
  2. i have an apple cinema display, and i'm not sure how to change the aspect ratio on that. any tips?
  3. Let me just make sure I understand, you are trying to run a grouped display over two monitors or differing resolutions?

    Firstly what are you trying to achieve, a grouped display or just an extended desktop? Grouped display does not make allot of sense as the middle of your screen will be behind the monitor bezel's between the two displays. However if this is in fact what you want it should display on both in 1920x1080 as you say, however there should be the black bars above and below that you speak of so I am not 100% sure why you do not (Have a look at the 'My Digital Flat-Panels' tab in CCC there may be an option there you need to check / uncheck).
    In extended desktop mode both monitors should operate at their native resolutions.

    kinda why I recommend getting similar monitors for multi-screen setups.

    Eyefinity (I generally apply this to 3+ displays but its a group all the same as 2 I guess) is quite particular when it comes to monitors, specifically when it comes to bezel compensation, and while three identical monitors should ensure no issues, you can always flash the EDID's to get your set up to work. However I don't believe this is the cause of your issue here.

    [Edit] If what Tomate2 recommended works, disregard the above :) sorry.
  4. I'm trying to do a 3840x1080 SLS over 2 monitors, one with a native resolution of 1920x1200 and one with a native resolution of 1920x1080. There are no black bars; rather, it is just stretched out on the 1920x1200 one. The 1920x1080 is fine.
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