Why is ATI All-in-Wonder HD hard to find

Hello, I am deaf and I have always loved the ATI all in wonder tv tuner. i used it to connect my video phone with it and use it as my "phone." now i have gotten a nice new pc and i want to put in a new all in wonder tv tuner and realized that the ati all in wonder hd is hard to find. any idea why? i am tempted to buy one off ebay but theres only one and the box is opened. not sure about that.

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  1. ATI ended the All-In-Wonder brand about the time Windows Vista came around. They brought it back, briefly, with the HD All-In-Wonder, but then killed it again. I suspect it was due to copy protection from the cable companies.

    -Wolf sends
  2. There are occasionally a few 3650 AIW editions on ebay but expect to spend over $100 for it and yes they are getting to be rather rare.
  3. Like above response, there are a few other products that so the same thing. I bought a All-in- Wonder a few years ago at best buy. Ill look for it and if its the HD version I'll msg you.

    Cheers, Seaborn
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