Turn off the graphic card and its fan

Hi all,
I'm going to buy a new Z77 motherboard. I have an Intel 2500K and a Nvidia GTX460.
I would like to turn off my discrete graphic card when I'm not using it, completely... including the graphic card fan.

Is it possible with Lucid Logix Virtu MVP? Does it totally power the discrete card off, including the fan?

Thank you
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  1. virtu mvp does not do that. For the most part all virtu mvp does is act as another kind of vsync. I don't know of any way to turn it off. Why do you want to turn it off? Is the fan too loud?
  2. If you turn off your graphic card, your monitor won't get a signal.
  3. unplug it when it's not in use? you wont damage it.

    remember if you turn off your graphics card then you need to use the motherboards rear i/o display ports for your monitor.

    Generally without a discrete GPU your computer can respond slower like watching high res videos and scrolling through websites with lots of media.

    it's best just to manually turn down the fan to minimum with msi afterburner, your graphics card uses hardly any power in idle anyway so if that's your problem then get a power efficient gpu like the 650 ti
  4. I often keep my computer on when I sleep and I would like to have the lowest possible noise. I would connect my monitor to the motherboard display ports.

    I'd like to:
    - always use the Intel HD3000 integrated in my CPU, keeping my discrete card off and keeping the power consumption and noise as low as possible
    - activate my discrete card when I have to play 3D Games...

    Is this not possible in any way?
  5. Uh, it is actually really simple to do.

    (Assuming you have Windows 7)
    1. Click Start or press Windows Key
    2. Right click on “Computer” and go to “Properties”
    3. In the left hand menu go to “Device Manager”
    4. Expand the “Display Adapters” section by clicking on the little arrow on the left had side (Alternately, you can double click on “Display Adapters”)
    5. Right Click on your On Board Video, “Enable”
    6. Right Click on your Video Card, “Disable”

    Now you can sleep in peace.
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