Sony Vaio pcv-9901

system stuck in "sleep" mode stanby nothing on screen stays black nothing on screen also no lite on mouse or keyboard, on button stay "amber"
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  1. (1) First try: Hitting the space bar or holding the escape or function key for a while.

    Why: most people wiggle teh mouse to come from sleep, but the mouse can be set to *not* take the computer out of sleep (so that vibrations, etc., don't wake up the PC.

    (2) Then try: Unplug from the wall. Wait 1 min for capacitors, etc., to drain. Plug back into wall. Note you will lose the work that was unsaved when you went to sleep.

    Why unplug from the wall? The power button on the PC is a soft button. There is logic on the MB that monitors the button. If things get messed up (typically a power hit of some kind) things stop working.
  2. Thanks I tried that and did not work, More info : when turned on sys mouse lite on for a second also keyboard lites on for second" Num lock, cap lock & scroll lock" , nothing ever shows on screen it remains black, Also fans are on very noisy before i would only notice after system had been on for longer period of time
    System Info:
    Sony Vaio PCV-W600G, Intel P4 / 2.09 GHz, Clock Freq 2100 Mhz, 1 Gb ram, OS Windows XP pro. ,Appreciate help... .Bugfly
  3. Hi, sounds serious. Standard debugging is to open the case and pull parts until teh system POSTs. For example, remove video card? Does the bios beep (google beep codes) that there is no video? Yes, excellent, the video card is bad or needs to be reseated. No beep? leave the video card out and remove the next card. When all cards out remove memory, etc. Eventually you get down to just the MB and power supply. If it's still not working get a new power supply unless you see physical signs the MB is shot (buldging parts leaking, smoking, etc.)

    Here is a good guide., It is written for new builds, but can be used for any boot problems if you read it carefully.
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