(1155) B75 or Z68 worth the price difference? +other

I want to get a fairly cheap 1155 board for an i3 2120 (and eventually a 2500k)

so far I've found ASrock has good boards for low prices, YES i know they aren't as well built as Gig'/Asus/Msi but they cost a lot more and by the time this computer breaks it will be in the skip.

Anyway, I've found a B75 Pro3(http://product.it.sohu.com/img/product/picid/8187152.jpg) and a
Z68 Pro3 Gen3(http://www.asrock.com/mb/photo/Z68%20Pro3%20Gen3(l).jpg)

The Z68 board is about £70, the B75 is about £60, BUT I'm not sure if it's worth the price difference, is z68 a lot better than B75?

The B75 boasts onboard USB 3 headers (I will be getting a Haf XM soon so that would be useful), 2 PCI-E slots, the first slot layed out nicely so I can add more stuff without issues, SATA ports placed nicely at the bottom right edge, £10 less and worse looks

the Z68 board boasts gold caps (lol), SATA ports placed behind the 24pin... could be annoying, no onboard usb3 header, only rear ports and Z68

So what do you guys think? almost everything about the B75 board is better appart from asthetics, so is z68 really that much better?

Overclocking my CPU is fairly important to me, ram frequencies mean *** all to me, I use 333mhz ddr2 atm lol so I think a limit of 1333mhz isnt a big deal, or am I wrong?

so yeah, is the z68 title and features worth the extra £10 and loss of some practicality
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  1. First, ASRock boards are built as well or better than Gigabyte and MSI ( and they tie Asus, IMNSHO. ) But all those manufacturers are great quality.

    Second, if you're looking to eventually get a K series chip to overclock, only the Z chipsets give you all overclocking features.

    I know you want to save money, but buying a locked board and CPU now means you have to replace both of them when you upgrade, and that's a lot more expensive in the long run. Unless you need a computer right now, you might just want to save up a little longer to get what you want the first time.

    If you need something now, I'd recommend a Z77 board right now and the 2120. That way you only need to replace the CPU when you upgrade ( and you may as well go for a 3570K over the 2500K since the price difference is so small.
  2. Here's what I would get if money is tight: ASRock Z75 Pro3

    I have the Z77 Asrock and it's great, but I'd get the above in your current situation.

    Multiple reviews on Newegg.com say it's very good for overclocking well above 4.0 with the 3570k. Good Luck !
  3. Hey thanks for the reccomendation of the Z75, i'll definetly look into that, looks like a great deal, same price, more features

    Thank you so much

    also thank you RedJaron for the info about no overclocking

    and yes, I do need a computer now, I have a 6850 but my cpu is a core2duo e4700 on a 775 platform with ddr2 ram lol

    my system is quite good though
    1tb samsung
    200gb backup
    lots of antec and cm fans
    xfx 550w psu
    antec 900 v1 case

    just my crappy OEM mobo and cpu letting me down, the computer was originally an Acer Power FH and it's taken a year to get to this stage, cant wait to finally get onto a modern platform and see some decent performance.
  4. the z77 variant is £3 more... do you guys think it's worth it?

    from what i've heard it's just multi GPU support, I will amost never do SLi and if I do it will only be one card.
  5. Z75 vs Z77: Z77 can split PCIe lanes three ways ( 8x/4x/4x, ) Z75 can only split it twice ( 8x/8x.) Z75 also doesn't get the SSD caching feature.

    Those are the only restrictions of the chipset. Some board manufacturers might treat the Z75 board as a base model, so it's possible they may not be as feature rich as Z77, but that's not because they can't be.
  6. The Z75 was not available when I built my computer - or i just did not know about it. I was originally going to SLI / Crossfire, but after some thought and not so great reviews - I'm sticking with just a single GPU for now.

    I have the 6850 with my z77 and runs my games great (World of Tanks, Diablo III). I have the 3570K but have not overclocked the CPU or GPU yet ... does everything I want it to so far. However, when i need it it's nice to know it'll be there at the click of a mouse. BIOS is very user friendly.

    As for the build. My first (and only build) was in June and I followed Youtube "newegg computer build part 2&3". Hardware and software step by step. Very easy to follow and well done.

    By the way - love my SSD too! Good Luck !!
  7. Lol, i built my PC just from 213812938 PC videos generally learning everything.

    6850 is a beast imo, it gets a lot of hate though, I'm gonna move to a 7950 soon anyway, like a few months after I get this motherboard/cpu/ram situation out the way.
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