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Hello I am looking to upgrade my integrated graphics card to a better one for Cataclysm. This is the computer i have With 2 Gbs of RAM going to upgrade to 3 pretty soon.
My monitor resolution is 1280x1024

It's an old computer I know. I am looking for a Video Card that can fit and work with this computer if any one can help me. To be honest I'm just looking for a cheap or low budget card that can smooth out the graphics. Budget= $25-100 and if I need to upgrade my power supply for a certain video card please do tell.

Please help
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  1. I'd recommend something like this

    Keep in mind though that your cpu doesn't even meet the recommended system requirements for Cataclysm.
  2. Hello KidRobot and welcome. I feel your pain with your system as it is very long in the tooth. For the most part the members would recommend a build rather than an off the shelf system. You are going to find that any new parts that you want to up grade with are going to be over priced because of their age due to the pricing life cycle of computer parts. Newegg only lists one video for your system with it's PCI express x16 slot-

    and it fits your budget. The system power supply when new was rated at 300 watts now is a bit suspect because PSUs degrade over time and I doubt that it is 300 watts now. Are you using a CRT monitor? The GPU should fit your needs however you might really want to think about an entirely new system. There are many deals to be had on more up to date components. The GPU at $90 a new PSU at $40-$60+ the new ram module at $25+ puts you in an old system for $150-180 to game slowly at 1280x1024. Before you buy poke around the forums and get a feel for what some of the members are considering for their new systems. It of course is up to you how you might want to go money wise. Flat screens are getting cheaper everyday and you would probably like WOW at 1620x1080 or 192x1080. There are many many threads where members are putting together systems and have asked the forums for assistance try looking at a few and consider your options.

    I looked at the GPU the geek recommended regarding the slot and the product page says that the GPU should fit your MoBo so his recommendation is a cheaper option.
  3. A 2600pro? Really?

    It's not even worth putting that much into your system to be honest. The card I linked is $30 after rebate, and certainly is superior to a 2600pro, I wouldn't put a penny more than that in it, it's an old single core cpu and it doesn't even meet the requirements for games that came out years ago, let alone today.

    For $30 you get DX11 support, hdmi, dvi and HD playback (limited by your cpu of course)
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    My $0.02. keep it the way it is.

    Save up a bit and build a new tower.

    I had a old computer (like yours) and could not play any new games.

    The old games worked sometimes but slow.

    Saved and for around $600-700 built a ok new tower.

    Slowly upgraded and now have a gaming beast.

    But thats me. If you really want to upgrade go for the $30 card ;)

    I have a 9800 GTX 512 card (linked below) for sale. PM me if you want to talk.
  5. Thanks for your help, after a lot of thinking I have decided to save up more money and just get a new computer. possibly start with a BareBones kit.
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