Upgrading my MB, CPU & Video card, Reinstalling/problems with Windows?

I'm looking at upgrading my computer over the Christmas period when my xmas shopping is done with. I'm currently on an Athlon II 445 and single GTS450... it's not a bad setup but I want something much better.

I'm looking at getting an i5-3550k and GTX 580, which should run every game I throw at it on max settings...

one problem I have is Windows. The copy I have is an 'OEM system builders pack'. I am aware of limitations when installing these because of them being tied to motherboards, etc. Obviously I need a new motherboard to run 1155 when I am currently on AM3+, so... here is a couple of questions because I'm not so great with MBs....

Will I need to reinstall Windows no matter what, because I am upgrading my motherboard and chipset? I know I don't have to when upgrading anything else...

Will I be able to activate Windows on my new motherboard, because I'm on an OEM builder release of Windows?... how about if I told Microsoft that I'm "having operational issues with my current motherboard and need to replace it with something I deem to be more reliable..."?
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  1. yes you can re-authenticate the serial by contacting Microsoft. just make sure to do that once you have the machine upgraded and you will not change things out
  2. Should I get my new parts put in, hard drive formatted and Windows reinstalled before contacting Microsoft?
  3. yea basically call or get a hold of customer service when you have the computer running with the windows booted up with your oem disk. they might give you a different serial or tell you to reuse it with their acknowledgment
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