Motherboard upgrade problem?

Hi All,
I am using the below board/processor:

board(Intel DG31PR Motherboard):

Processor (Intel Core 2 Duo E6550):

My board is having some problem. If I go for another board then what I should see in another board for maximum throughput? Should I go for DDR3 supported board as currently I am using DDR2 only?

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  1. no you wont see performance improvement with a new motherboard as you are using a dual core lga 775 processor, you can get a ddr3 motherboard but again you wont see noticeable improvements.
    save your money and build a new system or upgrade to the newest processor, supporting motherboard and ddr3 ram
  2. alvine, how I can save my money in a new system? I think I can save money by using my old system. Isn't it? Upgrade to the processor is costly. But for maximum throughput, at least I can buy RAM with the same/higher FSB as board/processor. right?
    Please mention points to see for compatibility if I buy a new board.
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