Memory speeds changing in different slots?

I am trying to determine if the problem with my computer is the RAM/MOBO or SSD. I've had nothing but problems since making this build. When doing some memory testing (memtest86) I found out if I put a RAM stick in the slots on the right it was reading the timings at 6-6-6-20 (wrong) but if I put the same stick in the slots on the left it showed up at 9-9-9-24 (correct). I know this has nothing to do with the ssd but just trying to eliminate problems. Is this a normal thing for motherboards to change the speed on one side? I've never encountered this before.
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  1. Dependent on what the frequency of the ram (IE 1333MHz or 1600MHZ) the timings can change. You need to watch that, not the timings. You can go into bios and set it for a specific frequency and then make sure the timings are correct for the ram specifications.
  2. In the bios everything was set correctly. That's why I found it odd that if I changed slots the timings changed.
  3. Well electrically the closer you get to the processor the lower your timings could be. I don't think that is your issue though. It would also depend on your chips.
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