UD flys at 1544 MHz.!

For most of this year I've been fighting temps on my Athlon 1.4 while running UD. It heats up to the mid 50's... Till I went to an 80mm fan adapter and now it runs UD at 46 to 48... and allows me to overclock over 1.5 gig. Cool!

This rig sure can chew up UD units quickly at this speed, although there sure is a lot of variability in the work unit time. If I run SETI on this machine, it sustains 195 Mflops per SETI Spy.

I'll probably go after the 1.6 gig mark with some voltage increases, but after some recent memory problems, I'm a little sensitive about blowing this rig up... It's my main computer and I don't want the software load corrupted.

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  1. HEHE, I'm jelous. But i wont be for long ;) My athlonXP 1800+ is coming soon. :) :) I am really curios to see how the branch prediction unit will help in distributed computing projects. I am anticipating a big increase, because it seems like distributed computing tasks are so redundant that CPU cache and other things would really help. ANYWAYS, Tell me your averages in a bit. My friend has a 1.4 ghz T-bird overclocked to like 1.53 - 1.6 . I warned him but he wouldnt listen, so might as well take advantage of the situation and compare his stats ot yours :) . Hes been running for about 30 days now, and he has done something right, cuz hes even smoking the regular 1.4 ghz t-birds on our team. :)

    --DarkPhire(United Devices team : AMDZONE.com; Member name : The Collective)
  2. *watches and laughs. Thinks about what dual hammers will do when he gets them hahahaha.*

    NOS and a <font color=red> Ferrari </font color=red> can be fun! :cool:
  3. LOL, well in the meantime WHOS laughing huahhahaha :) besides hammer's wont be out for another 5 months ;) maybe longer for SMP ;) so i have from now till then to save up :)

    --DarkPhire(United Devices team : AMDZONE.com; Member name : The Collective)
  4. OMG, you're an AMDZONE UD member! Ugghhh, see the light and become THG!

    NOS and a <font color=red> Ferrari </font color=red> can be fun! :cool:
  5. I wanted to, but with our current output it would be like abandoning all my comrades to be hung to dry in 5th place.

    Losing our 3.4 k points a day could really hurt. We already had one major defector(jwarwzon). And our output is kinda dwindling, although we still have enough points per day to stay in 4th place, It's not by much. Vulture Central and techside.net are both producing virutally the same amount of points. And Chris Tom just gave us major props on the AMDZone page, so I have to stay.

    --DarkPhire(United Devices team : AMDZONE.com; Member name : The Collective)
  6. Where do you find stats for UD, other than total points and average points per unit. Is there a comparison that tells me how my rig performs compared to others? These UD units vary so much in terms of how long to complete... and I've never seen anything like that on the UD site.

    I'm a long time member of THG SETI team (#12 on the units list) but haven't joined THG UD team... How does that work? Do I get to move my points over to whoever I join?

  7. What kinda stats are you looking for? You could click the stats button and view the member stats and everything, but im not sure if thats what your looking for.. U mean a multiple member comparison ?

    If you change UD teams, whichever team youve been working on gets the points.. If you have points when you join that havent gone to any team, those will go with you.

    Im not sure if thats what your asking
    hope it helps tho

    --DarkPhire(United Devices team : AMDZONE.com; Member name : The Collective)
  8. HO HO HO!! MERRY XMAS!! GOt my xp 1800+ online today ;)

    so as you can see im in a great mood :)

    --DarkPhire(United Devices team : AMDZONE.com; Member name : The Collective)
  9. yeah congrats man and merry xmas to all. Love to have an xp but my lil' ol' T'bird@1530 Mhz will have to do for now. But it don't mean crap unless ya get a good network score, and thats not nic related either. So me is thinkin bout' back to defaults to score simular results!

    Why should I waste power on an unfair points system!

    <font color=orange>Beam</font color=orange><font color=red> me</font color=red><font color=green> up</font color=green><font color=blue> Scotty</font color=blue> :wink:
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