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My question is about Front side bus I noticed my motherboard says it only has 1000 fsb. My cpu however says it has 3600.
What I want to know is
A.Is the cpu Front system bus truly 3600 cuz i see most motherboards have 2600fsb. my motherboard slowing down my cpu
c.When i update my motherboard what would i need as far as fsb to support that cpu or another one with equal or grater fsb.

my system is
A.M.D anthlon 64 x2 7750 2.7ghz here's the link [...] 6819103686
BIOSTAR MCP6P M2+ 6.X motherboard [...] 6813138111
4gb ram
GTX 570 video card
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  1. FSB Is different from your CPU

    Your MOBO isn't being slowed down.

    If you have doubts look for the latest BIOS update.
  2. fsb * multiplier = cpu speed, fsb is normaly 100, 133, 200Mhz depending on generation of processor.

    Look up FSB on wikipedia, and follow it through to processor clockspeed and memory speeds.
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