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rebel XT flash problem / question

Last response: in Digital Camera
April 12, 2005 1:43:17 AM

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Just got my Rebel XT tonight, somewhat disappointed with the pics
taken in full auto with flash. they all come out dark with about 30%
of the histogram on the right totally flat. never had this problem
with powershot S50 or previous rebell. any help? I only have few days
to exchange the camera, any suggestions are appreciated.
April 12, 2005 1:43:18 AM

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Hey grumpy,

In my opinion, pics taken with onboard flash will always turn out
lacking, although I'm surprised that they're worse off than the
previous model. Were they taken under the same conditions? Things
such as the lighting available, range to subjects, and (depending on
the proximity) things such as walls can produce a different result.

A trick I usually use is to turn the camera on Tv (shutter priority)
mode and set the shutter speed to around 1/40 to increase the amount of
light coming in. Make sure to hold it steady though! You could also
experiment maybe with the ISO settings.

I'm thinking of purchasing an XT as well, so I'd be interested to hear
more comments from others.

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on the net!