Normal cpu temperature?

I just finish my pc buildup.

Intel® Desktop Board DZ68BC
core i3-2120
coolmaster hyper 520 cooler
thermaltake r2 500 watt psu.

I check my pc temp at the bios and I get this

processor temp =47c
pch temp=43c
memory temp=32c
vr temperature=38c

this is at idle temp, should I get another cpu cooler or is this fine ?
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  1. its about 5c over what my 2120 got but its well within where it should be. it will probably top off at 65c and thats fine. it will likely lower by a couple degrees once you let the computer heat up and cool down a few times, as the compound on the cooler gets better then.
  2. Idle temps dont really tell you much. Download and run prime95 then post load temps
  3. Download CoreTemp and/or Realtemp .
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