Overclocked phenom ii 975 (4ghz)vs intel i5 2400

when phenom ii 975 is overclocked to 4ghz with stock heatsink will the performance will be equal to a i5 2400 processor..because phenom costs very less than i5
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  1. it will be pretty close but the i5 will still be faster.

    The difference won't really be noticeable in most games.
  2. Nooope, sandy bridge still will dominate a phenom ii any day. Even an i3-2100 can beat a 975 in most things.
  3. here i5 is better even atstock speed.


    here is bench!
  4. Yes the I5 is better, intel is faster bla bla bla BUT it all depends on what your wanting.

    If you game, and nothing more, go with AMD, cheep and im using a 970, not touched the clock and playing BF3 all in ultra perfectly.

    If your using more heavier applications (which i doupt if your asking about them ;) ) Then go with intel.
    But AMD will work fine for gaming and every day use :D
  5. i think this is your answer
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