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Hello, my computer died when my landlord shut the power off to my house. i spent a week troubleshooting my system and concluded that my mobo got fried. psu checks out (under load), subbed in a different psu just in case. no change. breadboarded it with nothing but the psu, mobo, cpu and cpu fan, no change. i would like to get the same exact mobo to replace it to keep it simple. But if that's not possible can you suggest where i could find a list of alternate mobo's with the same ratings as my original? the mobo is a micro atx, gigabyte fsb1066, ga945 gcmx-s2. if i've left out some important info, let me know.
thanks, ingrid

ps...i know its an older system, i know taking the time to fix it really isn't worthwhile and that i should just get a new system.
but unless you want to give me yours, please don't bust my chops about it. i have to make do with what i can do. thx. :)
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  1. Wow, thank you so much! Do you recommend one over another? The first one on your list is brand new and going for $35. I'm really surprised as the gigabyte board was going for in between $60-$70. Hey, thanks again!
  2. Depends on your cpu. If you want the first board for $35, go to Intel's website and search for "cpu support" and see if the board supports your cpu. You'll need the model number of your cpu, such as e6600 or p4 smithville 3.4. The g31 is the newest board chipset on the list, so it will definately run your cpu if it's core2 duo. Frankly, you may have fried your cpu also, and you have no way of testing it. So you may be better off getting a used system with similar board and cpu if you want to use the files on your old hardrive. Or you can get a new board and cpu that uses ddr3, such as this amd combo at frys: which will work with this ram:
  3. thanks again for your suggestions. its an intel core 2 duo e6550. now i just realized that processor has a 1333 bus speed. my old board's was 1066 and the board for $35 also is 1066. my fault. i asked for boards with similar specs as the one i've been using. i didn't build this computer so i don't know how that happened. is it a major big deal? will it damage the cpu or the mobo to have a mismatch like that?
  4. No. No damage to the system using a lower ram bus speed. The first board should run your cpu if it's still good. Changing out a board is tricky for first timers. Here's one of many videos you can study if you don't have someone to help:
    You will also need to draw some reference for each power supply lead going to the board. Remove the heatsink and cpu before loosening the old board. Same for the memory sticks, power supply leads, case lead, case fan wire, etc. So a simple diagram will work, or you can download the board diagram if it doesn't come with an instruction manual. Breadboarding is also a topic that you can google. It's a simple technique for testing the new board to get a post screen before mounting it. If all this seems beyond your means, they hire someone locally to do it for you. Here some folks will do this for $30-40 flat rate. Good luck.
  5. Thanks again for responding. I meant the processor, not the ram. The processor i have says 1333mhz fbs and this mb that we've been discussing says it will support an Intel® Core™2 Duo processor in an LGA775 socket with a 1066 or 800 MHz
    system bus. is it ok to put those two together?
  6. oh and also, i have built many systems. i'm also a programmer. just so you know i'm not a green pea!
  7. then choose another board, such as a g31 or g41. I also suggest you switch to ddr3 and a board to go with it since it's so cheap; deals will be everywhere on black friday weekend. Slickdeals has this biostar amd mini itx combo with 8 gb of free ram:
  8. thank you very much. i'll check it out
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