ASUS M5A97 R2.0 AMD 970 (SOCKET AM3+) MOTHERBOARD only left audio

So here's the thing, after re-installing windows due to a strange blue screen error that would flash then restart the system, I finally re-installed windows 7 and got a few programs back.

Running a few programs i have notice that the audio only plays out the left headphone or speaker, i've tried several output devices such as headphones or speaker but they're all the same result, i've tried the audio balance and installing several drivers including the latest from the website, any ideas?


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  1. After closer inspection the sound is playin out of the left but is also playin ridiculously quiet out the right, brand new MOBO installed yesterday! anyone help with further notes?

  2. Just asking for the topic to be edited as i figured out the problem.
    Motherboard was to tight to the case creating an unstable connection to the Audio Jacks, Can this topic be edited but left on as it may serve well for others

  3. Thank You so much friend, you save me by writing this post :) :)
    I was looking all over the Internet for this problem, all the solutions didnt seem to work at all, was thinking replacing my new mobo.
    This post save my time and frustration.
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