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How much foxin 500watt p s u actally give power to use

I have got a foxin 500watt p.s.u.. my full configuaration is: AMD PHENOM II X4 925@2.80 GHz
2gb ddr3 ram(1stick)
xfx nvidia 9500GT
no sound card
an optical dvd/rw drive
2 hard discs(160 500gb)

My machine is running without any problem...Can I add 2gb ddr3 more to my system??
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    you should be able to without problem. Just make sure the new ram is the exact same spec as the original ram.
  2. Yes you can.
  3. Yes you wont have any issues with power.

    However as abekl said, make sure the RAM is the same spec. Ideally the same voltage, CAS latency and MHz.
  4. 1 stick of ram only use 5-10w
    thus you can easily add more ram
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