BitFenix Colossus or CM Storm Trooper??


I was just wondering what you think would be a better case, i want to be able to have good cable management but also look good.

In was going to get the CM Storm Trooper but i really like the lighting on the BitFenix Colossus which looks to be a very good case aswell like the Storm Trooper.

I will be purchasing the case from PCCASEGEAR and they are both $185 so price i not a deciding point here!

IMO the Storm Trooper is a bit better in fearures, quality, etc. But i also think the Colossus is a good case aswell, I would get the Storm Trooper based off features and quality, etc. but i love the lighting on the Colossus.

Any Opinions will be appreciated!

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  1. If you want a silent PC Bitfenix is the solution.
  2. thanks, i did forget to mention that i do like having a quieter PC if possible
  3. Storm Trooper wins by far I'd say in terms of quality and features.

    In the UK the Colossus is considerably cheaper than the Storm Trooper. ~£90 compared to ~£130 so if in your country they are both the same price, grab the Trooper.
  4. im going for the Colossus mainly for the looks of it, as somebody said on Whirlpool because i posted there aswell, you are looking at the outside most of the time. So which do you like the look of more.

    Thanks for your opinions anyway.
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