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I need help choosing a mobo for my new build. I want a Z77 preferably but an H77 would work as well. I was looking at the MSI Z77A-G43. Is this a good board? I will not be overclocking and will be using only one GPU. I really want to stay at around $100 USD or lower from Newegg. Could anybody please give suggestions on different boards and explain the differences? Thanks!
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    The MSI motherboard has had alot of BIOS updates, take a look at this motherboard same price as the MSI. GIGABYTE GA-Z77-D3H
  2. I recommend ASRock. Specifically this board: . It fits right in your budget and is a quality board.
  3. if your not going to use smart response then get this and save. this is about $15 cheaper than a pro3 z77. both pro3s are the same besides smart response which is not supported on the z75 chipset
  4. Out of the three the Gigabyte has the better audio.
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