To fast... Way to fast

I have an I5 3750K on a Z77X UD3H and well my problem is it starts up to fast. I never thought id say this but, it starts up in probably 6-8 sec so getting into bios is a pain. Ive tried to time it when to push DEL but then i just get a Black Screen.

My Question is, is there a way to slow the Bios part down so i have more time to push the DEL key. Ive looked and there seems to not be option for something like that.
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  1. Just start hitting the DEL key repeatedly right after you turn the computer on. Then when you're in the BIOS, you should be able to add a few seconds onto the BIOS screen countdown. On my Gigabyte Z68 mobo, the BIOS timeout is labeled "Extend time alloted to HDD detection" or something similar.
  2. Nice & Weird question, man.
    Yea, Just keep hitting the DEL key, right after startup, until the BIOS Shows up.
    Happy Booting !!!
  3. That's... kind of odd.

    I have exactly the same parts, and the opposite problem - the computer spends longer on the motherboard splash screen than it takes to boot AND login combined...
  4. you can also try disabling quick boot and that should give you more time.
    Nice question btw
  5. there should also be under boot a time option of how long the mb will wait before it posts. i have it on my asus bios i can set it from 2 sec to 30 sec.
  6. Disabling the "quick memory scan" can add a few seconds too.

    My LCD takes ~3sec to sync so I usually don't see the POST screen otherwise.
  7. Wow thanks guys for all the quick response's, ill look into all of the above options and see if i can get it to slow down!

    Thanks again...
  8. Ok ive tried all the above some i couldn't find a similar option and some dont exist. My Monitor just takes to long to refresh once powered down (3-4 sec). Ive even set it up where the CD-Rom boots first ! blah this is driving me nuts... especially if when im doing overclocking, requires alot of restarts. BLAH :cry:
  9. Nvm i was using my Display Port - HDMI for my monitor and switched it to DVI and bam my monitor is starting up fast enought so i can see it.... BTW if i push the DEL key to soon or repeatedly i just get a blank screen forever!

    Thanks Guys for your responses!!!
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