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I was recently running an NVIDIA GTS 450 card with an ASUS P7H55 motherboard (, an I5 2.67 GHZ processor, and a raidmax 530W power supply. I ran it flawlessly for almost two months until I started getting a few nasty forced restarts, which ultimately led to not getting past the windows welcome screen. I reformatted and reinstalled windows 7 and tried reinstalling the nvidia card with the same freezing results at the opening windows screen. I put my old radeon 5450 card and it is now working fine and I tried the GTS 450 in a friends pc and it still worked. I have consoled with another tech friend of mine and we have narrowed it down to either a problem with a bad hard drive or negligent power supply. Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hard drives don't produce these symptoms even in the worst of times. As for the psu raidmax is trash and they produce terrible units.
  2. 5450 draws less power than th 450 is why
    get a new psu.
  3. I am not sure if it's PSU fault but it may be something else, PSU will immediately shutdown if not enough power(After 2-3 seconds of it being on) and wouldn't freeze/BSOD... It could be a GTs 450 and either MoBo or CPU problem that isn't working together with the GTs 450 lol...
  4. The motherboard is brand new and the CPU / windows is running flawlessly after putting in the 5450. All of my bios are loaded and processing properly so I can't see how the motherboard could be malfunctioning.
  5. Bought a 700 W corsair PSU unit and windows crashes at the opening windows logo where the screen tears a bit then turns into a nasty grey screen of death. Dead graphics card? :/
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    Card or the ram. RMA the card and on the side run memtest to to rule out the ram but keep the psu. A good psu is always a good investment.
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