Corsair TX650 vs Coolermaster GX 750 PSU

Both have a 5 year warranty.

Both have 120 mm fans.

Both cost the same.
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  1. Corsair is generally considered the better quality brand for PSU's.

    What system are you going to be using it with? If you have a system with the intention to SLI/Crossfire, the 750w might be the better option....
  2. +1 @AdrianPerry
  3. No contest the Corsair is much better.
    The GX has some serious issues with noise and ripple = damage your pc
  4. Corsair has been forced to drop their prices drastically to compete with XFX Core Edition ..... either of those would be my choice for a 9.5 performance rated PSU. I wouldn't put the CM in the same category
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