Sandy bridge memory question???

so with the bulldozer looking more like a lawnmower im scraping my 990fx amd setup and buying an asus p8p67 ws revolution and a 2500k!!!!

my question is this..........

the ram i have in the 990 board is mushkin radioactive 1.65 volt 1600 mhz cl7 memory......

sandy bridge arc. prefers low voltage ram right???

what would be my better option???

a.....use the ram i have and get the 2600k???

or b......purchace 8 gigs of mushkin blackline 2133mhz 1.5volt cl9 ram.......

id like to order asap.....if any experienced sandy users could help me that'd be great


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    if you use any ram that is above 1.5v with sandy bridge, there's a fair chance it'll damage your processor, so you need 1.5v or less.
  2. ok.....that what i figgrd

    thanx for the quick response!!!
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