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CPU hardware tester?

I am working at a refurbishing shop, and have a massive box of processors, varying sockets (amd and intel).

Is there a hardware CPU tester out there? Similar to a 'Ramcheck LX,' Would like different adapters to test different sockets. It's difficult to determine if it's a bad MB or CPU without a known working replacement.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Hi :)

    NO...I wish there was lol but no...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Yea I knew when my Googling was at a dead end I was out of luck. Thanks for the quick reply!
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    there is a dead cpu test. where you plug it in and if the monitor jumps into standby the cpu is dead... but you need a fully working pc to start with b4 you can test a cpu on its socket. meaning you will have to have upwards of 10 working pc's to test the most prolific cpu's
  4. Yea thats the problem I have. Cant determine MB's and CPU's from good and bad. Finally got a couple 775's working so i can atleast test those. Never heard of that monitor test before... Learn something new every day!
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