Choosing RAM for dz77re-75k

So, I m building my first build and I have all the parts picked out. Its a gaming computer. I am using the dz77re-75k motherboard by intel.

Intel posted a memory guide:

the memory they have tested is old and not really gaming memory. Can someone read that page and please suggest a compatible memory. I would like to have 8 gigs with the ability to expand to 16gb

many people seem to have issues with RAM for this board.

really appreciate it
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  1. too many options ahh! Does anyone have experience with this board??
  2. maybe something by corsair?
  3. I checked the Corsair configurator. They don't list any compatible kit for this board. It might work though.
    Crucial would be a good choice, in my opinion. Depending on your budget, RAMs amount and speed, you'll probably not have so many options.
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