I can't set my bios boot sequence to cd/DVD

Hey people,
I'm currently trying to downgrade my windows 8 of to windows 7 but in my bios I can't set it to boot from cd/DVD. I can't set it to boot from anything except my windows 8 Partion.

It's an asus pc.

So when I go to boot sequence all I have is "windows_boot xxxxxx" xxx stand for numbers

I also tried to select the CDROM drive by holding down f8 but same thing I can either enter bios or start "window_boot"

Can any one help I also hope this makes senses

here are some images of my bios






As you can see from the last image i only have 1 bootable sequence

has anyone encountered this problem before??
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  1. tony if your pc has the standard asus efi bios. in the easy mode on the bottom there should be icon cd-rom and efi-cd-rom. change the order to cd-rom then efi-cd-rom by dragging and dropping them. the other play you want to go in the bios is the boot screen in advance mode. make sure it says cd-rom then hard drive. then under cd-rom boot devices make sure the pc cd-rom and not the efi-cd-rom is the first boot device. if set right you should get a quick message to hit any key to boot. if it not the stock bios you can use a 4g usb stick and microsoft iso to usb tool to make a bootable usb windows 7 image.
  2. I originally had access to the icons in ez mode. But I no longer do I'll upload a screen shot to show you what I mean
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