P5N-D/PSU Failure?

I'm experiencing problems during startup. As of now, it can, and does, run just as well as it always has, no other noticeable problems and it has been happening for about 3 months. When I start it up it will sometimes sit (fans spinning and fan LED's flashing) until I kill the power and try again to boot it. Also, sometimes it will load all the way past POST to the Windows loading screen and it will die. When it comes back around I "start Windows normally" and it boots fine. These things happen often (never twice in a row actually), but it also intermittently loads with no problems. I haven't smelled any burning, the capacitors in the PSU and on the Mobo look fine, and there are no loose cables, but I'm not sure where the problem is. I was planning on an upgrade of RAM, and figured if the PSU was goin I'd throw a better one in as well. If the mobo's goin I'll just kill myself.

My build is:
Intel Core 2 Quad 2.83
4 x 1gb Patriot RAM
3 x 7200 RPM HDD's (2 in RAID 0)
Samsung Writemaster DVD-RW
Nvidia Geforce GTX 460SE

The only recent hardware change was the Vid Card and that far predated the startup issues. No other hardware problems currently.
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  1. it could be the power supply if the voltage not clean from the ps..(ac ripple). on older mb most post issues and hangs i seen are a drive or the hard drive chipset issue. i would run a hard drive fitness test and check the drive smart health. i would start also with bare bone system. the video card..one dimm no drives connected and see if the issue happens. (no other cards). one other thing to check is if your using a usb hub or a lot of devices on the usb chipset you could be pulling more power at start up then the usb chipset can handle.
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