Computer won't boot after shutting down during update

Hi guys, would really appreciate your help on this one.

I recently constructed a PC and installed windows 7 and everything was working fantastically until a power outage hit right when I was updating windows. From that moment on windows wouldn't boot, regardless of any of my attempts (that includes safemode, recovery etc..).

I decided that since there's hardly anything on the PC I wouldn't mind wiping it clean and reinstalling Windows 7 again. Upon attempting to do this however, once I get that "windows is loading files" white bar, the PC gets stuck on the black "Starting Windows" screen with the windows emblem. I can hear and see that the HDD is running in some sort of a loop with regular "ticks" (and flashes of the HDD) with the same time interval between ticks.

This is where i'm stuck. I already uninstalled one of my 2 GPUs, just in case this was causing the problem but no go. PC still stuck at same stage in what looks like a loop. Question is what can I do in this state if the PC won't even allow a fresh reinstallation of windows.

The gear is all brand new (built two weeks ago) and was running fantastically until now.
Help, thanks.
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  1. Okay, windows loaded from disc and is reinstalling now.
    I've never seen such an odd reaction, especially since the first time installing windows on the very same PC with the very HDD was quick as a breeze.

    I'm hoping all will return to normal now.
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