Overclocking, need help with DRAM Frequency

So i have seen a load of guides on overclocking my processor but im still a bit unsure about the DRAM frequency.

My multiplier is locked so i have to increase my bus in order to overclock, obviously as a result of this my DRAM frequency increases.

I have DDR2 - 800 ram. After overclocking my cpu to 3.3 the DRAM frequency has increased from 400 mhz to 440 mhz.

So all i need to know is, is this damaging my ram, what Frequency can i go up to.

All help is much appreciated!
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  1. If your RAM cannot take the increased frequency you will get a Blue screen of death. Most RAMs even generic ones can usually go 100mhz above stock so you are fine as long as you don't get any blue screens or system crashes.
    You can only damage your RAM if you overvolt it.
    Also see if you can set the RAM frequency to a lower level(667) and then overclock it.
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