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So I did the worst possible thing that you can do to your computer spilling water on it. When I let it dry and soaked it up as best I could I booted it up and the monitor said no signal. Since then I've tried everything I could think of. I got new cables bought a new motherboard, power supply, processor. And the ram, video card, hard drive, and monitor have all been tested with my brothers computer ( he has the exact same computer as me ) and they all work with his computer. We tried an out of the box boot with the old motherboard ( witch was sent back to Asus and we where told it was fixed) and the old processor, we plugged in a speaker so maybe we would hear a beep code but there was none. I'm still having the same problem and I and my father have no idea why if you have any idea's please tell me.
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  1. Fixed it my old processor is bad and newegg sent me a bad new motherboard.
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