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CPU Upgrade?

Hey there,

I'm looking at possibly upgrading my current cpu, AMD 9950 BE oc'd 3.15ghz, to a Phenom II 955 or greater.

I am currently on an AM2+ board (asus M3N72-D) running 8gb pc8500 ddr2 1066 @ 800mhz with a GTX 285 all on a 700w OCZ PSU.

My concern is will I see much improvement in overall performance. Will it increase gaming performances, currently SWTOR. A GPU upgrade is more or less out of the question (unless its a solid card for ~$150) but I have no problem overclocking the chip a bit as my current CPU is running at 3.15GHZ.

If the upgrade is a decent choice, which CPU would be the best option? go straight to a 980 for a little more money or stick with a 955 or 965 and just OC it? I can always upgrade my mobo at a later date along with the RAM then as well, but like I said, a GPU may not be plausible. Also, for some reason, my favorite local Parts store only has the 955 listed on their site which is odd because they are massive in this area.

Thanks for any feedback!
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    The 955,965 is a good improvement. Go for it. Here is a comparison you will gain some performance.
  2. That's awesome, thanks! When I get home I'll look for comparisons to the 980 as well!
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