Check out my build, please

I want experienced builders to help me balance the build out (e.g. point out if there's too much RAM or too weak GPU). I wouldn't like the price to rise much.

CPU - Core i5 2500k
GPU - GTX 460
MOBO - P8P67-M (I don't want SLI or Crossfire)
RAM - KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX
HDD - WD CB 500 16 SIII
PSU - Chieftec BPS 550C (not many alternatives localy)
CASE - Zalman Z9 Plus
FAN - CM Hyper 212 Plus

P.S.: I'm gonna play games, do video editing, CADing, Photoshopping and WinRARing.
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  1. For video and photoshop you will be better off with a Z68 motherboard . That will let you use the cpu's quick sync features

    no idea what your RAM is but it looks like 1600MHz 2 x4 gig which should be fine if its 1.5 volt or less

    The chieftec psu might be local but its also rubbish .
  2. Thanks for the reply, Outlander.

    Anyone else? :o Geez!
  3. Is Chieftec BPS-550C really that bad?
  4. phreek said:
    Is Chieftec BPS-550C really that bad?

    Yes, never skimp on the psu. It is the wisest investment to make. Remember when a psu goes bad,it has a nasty habit of taking other components out with it. Look for one from a reputable brand such as Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, Silverstone XFX etc......... Make sure that it has a minimum of an 80+ efficiency and active pfc.
  5. I have 2 alternatives locally: Chieftec BPS-550C and FSP Everest (and Epsilon) 600. Both have been reviewed and recommended by Tom's Hardware...
    (different wattages though)
  6. why not order online? (just out of curiosity)
  7. When I wrote ''locally'' I meant in my country. Ordering from abroad would almost double the price. Both PSUs I mentioned cost here (Ukraine) about $100.

    Currently I have this in mind. Price went way up :s

    CPU - Core i5 2500k
    GPU - Radeon 6950
    MOBO - P8P67 or P8Z68-V
    RAM - Mushkin 997005 (2x4 1600 1.5v)
    HDD - WD CB 500gb 16 SIII
    PSU - Chieftec BPS 550C (FSP Everest 600w)
    CASE - Zalman Z9 Plus
    FAN - CM Hyper 212 Plus

    I dunno if I *need* Quick Sync, and I'm also unsure whether to buy gtx 460 or 6950. Currently I have 1440x900 resolution, planning to upgrade to 1900 later... maybe... The most demanding game I play (GPU wise) is STALKER COP, and I'd like to stably run it at 60 fps on a 1440x900 (and hopefully 1900x1080) monitor.
  8. I have Antec High Current Gamer 750 and Antec TruePower Quattro 850 available in local shops. Isn't it an overkill to buy such a PSU for my build?
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