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Hello guys ,
what would be the minimum price of a Asrock ddr2 mobo along with a 2 gb ram and a fast dual core cpu ? the board should have interface for good graphics card.any more brand cheaper ? please help.
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  1. Location? usa, uk, etc. I use newegg. It's a good place for a price estimate in the usa.
  2. India. I want Indian price. please suggest a site where i can get a gross estimate of the price of the accesories I asked.

    Asrock, ecs, biostar, and msi boards are generally less expensive. Intel and Asus may cost more. Look for an H61 board for sandy bridge cpus, such as the 530 celeron or 2120 dual core with hyperthreading or the B75 chipset for ivy bridge. For ivy bridge dual core, the 3220 is ok, and for four cores the 3470 or 3570 are both good. The "k" series cpus cost more but allow you to unlock the multiplier of the cpu for overclocking. Overclocking requires a different motherboard chipset; I recommend the z77 for K series cpus, even the old 2500K which is a favorite of overclockers.

    Use the youtube link for site information and look for more links if that video doesn't give you enough info. Good luck.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Actually , I have an old ASRock P4I45GV 3.00/1 gb DDR Ram/P4 2.4 Ghz and was wishing to pack it with a 512 mb 3.0 or 4.0 shader GPU which could enable it to play semi modern games (Prototype/COD4/COD5/COD6/COD7/FARCRY 2... )released upto 08-09. Most of you advised me to change the entire system but currently I am running way out of money. But just to ensure I asked that how cheap a mobo along with 2 gb ram and a fast dual core CPU could be. If I get an exact estimate I would be clear about how much more I have to invest than a 512 MB AGP HD GPU. I was thinking that about playing the games I mentioned the GPU would be the final word but most of you experts suggested that the single core P4 was a huge drawback.And I believe you all know a lot better. All I want to do is that play the mentioned games in medium settings(even in 800*600) smoothly. Please help.
  5. Can't help you if you buy used; old p4 boards aren't new anymore, and some may have bad capacitors. If you buy one, get everything you need at once so you can test it before you pay. Just getting a post screen isn't enough. I've had boards with bad caps post but windows refuses to finish loading. I don't recommend it. Save your money for new parts and get them all together: board/ram/cpu/power supply. Otherwise, you may be wasting your money.
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