Which motherboard with g630 for low power system?

Hi, sorry for my poor english.
I'm configuring a homeserver. I'm going to buy intel G630/G630T/i3 2120 but I don't know which motherboard use with one of them. The main purpose is to save power because this system will replace a VIA C7 (~6W). I read about mini-itx motherboards, especially the DH67CF that should be the most low powered of mini-itx, but if there is a micro-atx that consumes the same power, I can also consider to buy a micro-atx. The system doesn't need to be extremely small. What can you recommend?
Thank you in advance
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  1. here is an itx


    the DH67cf has been discontinued. what power supply do you have?
  2. I have available a PicoPsu 90w, but if necessary I can buy a new power supply.
    Do you think that an equivalent microatx will eat much more power? I don't need particular features: only sata2, gigabit lan, and low power consumption :wahoo:
  3. Other opinions?
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