Where to buy parts for a custom build laptop?

I've been looking around for a reputable website that sells parts I can build a laptop from without any luck. I'd like to have a system that uses one of the new Sandy Bridge mobile processors like the i7 2760QM. What I'm looking for is basically the barebones pieces I can start with like a motherboard and case. I only have experience building desktops, but I fix laptops so I know how one goes together.
I know that getting a pre-built laptop from a company like Dell or Lenovo is cheaper, but I value customization on my terms, not based on the little check boxes they have on their "build a laptop" website. Besides, that sort of takes the fun out of it for me.
So has anyone got websites I can go to where I can get some barebones pieces for a laptop based on the new Sandy Bridge mobile processors?
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  1. The most barebones of laptops will only be missing RAM, CPU, and HDD. Building your own from "scratch" is pretty much impossible. Try shopping at
    They use barebones laptops and will sell you compatible CPU, GPU's. If you want to the satisfaction of building it yourself. you can always rip it apart.
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