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I'm wondering if anybody has tried installing 48GB of RAM (6 * 8GB modules) onto their Asus P6TD. The Asus website specifications state that 24GB of RAM is the max; however, I believe that this value is outdated as these specs may be written when 2GB was mainstream (and crazy expensive) and 4GB a stick a novelty.

I'm thinking of upgrading my system to house 24GB of RAM (3 * 8GB) but only if 8GB RAM sticks are supported.

The Asus P6TD is a LGA-1366 Motherboard, a higher-end one. The processor's an i7-920.

Old tech, but not unusable.
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  1. What the specs on the website mean, is that is how much someone at Asus tested the board with. It might well work with more, but being that you're off the beaten path, it'd be an unsupported configuration and you're on your own to troubleshoot it.

    And just as an aside, I still am using a desktop based around the i7-860 at home. I've been toying with the idea of upgrading, but as you say, it's far from unusable. So, I wish you luck.
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