Upgrading laptop to a dual core processor..?


I am currently using a 1 year-old Dell Inspiron M5010, which is working fine in all respects. However, I really wants to play this game (Star Wars: The Old Republic) which requires a dual core processor. Despite have 2.3GHz of processing capacity when I tried to install the game it had an error message saying I did not have enough CPU cores. It meets the specs in all other areas though.

MY question therefore is it possible to upgrade my processor (AMD V140) to a dual core processor with at least 2.0GHz? and if so how would i go about doing that???

Much appreciated. :)
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  1. unlikely for two reasons:
    1, your bios may not cope with other cpus
    2, your cpu may be soldered into the board and not socketed

    What chip options did your laptop come with?
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  3. Gaming laptop=oxymoron
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