Thermal Paste for i5-2500k and COOLER MASTER Hyper 212

I am about to build a computer with an i5-2500k and a COOLER MASTER Hyper 212. Is the thermal compound that comes with a cooler sufficient? Or should I buy Arctic Silver 5?
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  1. I used the TIM (Thermal Interface Material) that came with the Cooler Master hyper 212+ and it worked fine with my Intel Core i7-2600K. AS5 is rated better then the stock TIM; so if you are short or don't want to wait to get some AS5 go ahead and use it.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. Its just as5 takes forever to cure >_<
  3. Does it hinder the curing effort to run occasional stress tests on a processor?
  4. Yes but once it does finish curing it will perform much better.
  5. amuffin said:
    Yes but once it does finish curing it will perform much better. you saying that my core temps are not going to be as low as they potentially could have been with my Hyper212+ and AS5, because I ran a couple of ~90 minute stress tests during the break-in period (my rig's been running for ~6 weeks now).
  6. No I am saying if your temps would be lower after a few days with as5.
  7. Personally i've used the supplied paste with 212+ = works just fine(good paste)!
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