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Computer Crashes, Single Random color, Non responsive

Hi i have an Acer Aspire Ax1300 and my computer crashes to a random color and the entire computer will not respond. I checked the processor temperature and it never exceeds 42C. Does any one know where to start looking to resolve this issue? All my drivers are up to date as of 1/15/12. Here is my computer specs from Direct X diagnosis tool.

Thank you for any help given.
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  1. Are we talking BSOD or just different colors every time
  2. Does this happen randomly or only when it's been running a while ?. Have you overclocked any components or fiddled with your bios settings ?. Are your PC innards clean or full of dust ? .

    Use another PC to make yourself a Memtest 86+ boot CD....(

    Boot from this (NOT your hard drive) and allow at least 3 runs. This will give your PC's 'guts' a good test without running any OS.....and work onwards from that base.

  3. Is this a laptop or desktop, I would rather not look it up. off the bat without getting crazy sounds like a video memory addressing failure, meaning the the GPU has failed or there is bad memory being used.
  4. I produces a different color about everytime, green, black, red, brown, ect.
    It only happens when i am playing a game, windowed or full screen. Happend upto 5 times a day but may go a day without crashing.
    i have cleaned my computer out, dust free, and it still happens. No overclocked componets and the only bios setting changed was the boot order to perfer exteral hard drive when it is pluged in. I will memtest when i get home, about 7 pm eastern.
  5. Does the system reboot? or do you have power it off and power it back on. What are you using for a video card. Is the video driver a possibility for an issue. If it is rebooting than you can hit F8 on reboot and for the computer to show you the BSOD that is coming up every time it blows up. Or you can go here to get a app that will show it to you without all the F8 crap Again the big question is what are you using for video is it on board or is an dedicated card?
  6. Hi :)

    Acers laptops are famous for this....your graphics chip needs "refloating" ...and I warn you it may or may not work...

    All the best Brett :)
  7. It requires a manual reboot each time. The GPU is a NVIDIA GeForce 9200 on boardchip.
    *edit* I have a small form factor Desktop.
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    Yeh it unfortunately sounds like your suffering from POS syndrome. The GPU is either failing or your as exceeding its ability to deal with the heat while your gaming. It sounds terminal to me, best be replace the box, if that is not possible, see what slots it has and get an external gpu to match that fits in small form factor. If you keep doing what your doing its possible the on board GPU could fail and take the rest of the board with it. Good Luck Mate
  9. If i do get an external card do i have to, or can i, disable the onboard chip to resovle the issue?
  10. Plugging in the external card to a PCIe will/should disable the onboard video, with a PCI you can disable it in the BIOS however if you not using it, its not generating additional heat from gaming, should be fine.
  11. thank you. the new graphics card fixed the problem.
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