EVGA customer service problem. Advice please

Hello everybody!

Built new computer June 2011

Rosewill Smart One (Front/Rear/Top Fans Optional Side Fans)
ASUS P8v68-V Pro
CM Hyper 212 Plus
Antec 900W High Current Gamer Series
8GB G-Skill Ripjaws
WD Caviar Black 750GB 7200 RPM 6Gb/s
Lamptron Touch Fan Controller
EVGA 560TI DS SC (900/1800/2106)

Ran tests on the video card using the EVGA OC Scanner as follows:
Case clean - no dust, card and heatsink clean - no dust, fans unobstructed, cables routed behind Mainboard

Turned on all case fans to 100 percent
Increased both fans on 560 TI to 100 percent

Test 1
05 Minute Stress test 25 Celsius ambient at intake / Card temperature rose to 85 Celsius.
60 degrees over ambient

Test 2
05 Minute Stress test 25 Celsius ambient at intake / Card temperature rose to 84 Celsius.
59 degrees over ambient

Test 3
05 Minute Stress test 25 Celsius ambient at intake / Card temperature rose to 86 Celsius.
61 degrees over ambient

Test 4
10 Minute Stress test 25 Celsius ambient at intake / Card temperature rose to 87 Celsius.
62 degrees over ambient

I have checked many many review sites about this card on the net, also forum posts, Newegg user reviews etc. etc. and the general consensus is that this card should be running about 37 degrees over ambient not 60 plus degrees over!

Started EVGA support ticket with much of the above information and received the following reply:

Answered By Ian J (8/14/2011 4:55:21 PM):
Hi Frederick, When the card reached 88c, what was the fan speed percentage?
Please check the heatsink for dust or any other obstructions.

Thank You,
EVGA Tech Support

I answered these questions and received the following reply:

Answered By Dave B (8/16/2011 6:57:35 AM):
Hello, 85-90c is normal for heavy load conditions for these cards, it is operating within spec. If you run OC Scanner for a minimum of 30 minutes, preferably longer, does the device remain stable? If it is stable, I would not be concerned with the temps.

If you have further issues please feel free to email us back or call support anytime 24/7.

EVGA Tech Support

If I buy another card for SLI as I have been planning to do the temperatures will rise!
If another monitor is added I'm told the added workload will raise temps even further!

At 60 plus degrees Celsius over ambient (thats 176 degrees fahrenheit at 80 degrees ambient) the card turns into a toaster oven. The whine from the twin fans at high RPM remind me more of a jet engine than a video card.

So, How do I deal with tech support people that have been instructed to blow off their customers because they don't want to fix the problem? So much for the much touted 10 year warranty!

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
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  1. my geforce 8800gtx ran that hot and i contacted support and they said it is in spec.

    eventually i swapped the heatsink fan and put an arctic cooling unit and the temperatures dropped significantly.

    not sure what else to suggest, it probably will be fine but i'm sure the noise is annoying.
  2. You are running a stress test and pushing your card to it's max, and the temps are reflecting that, though a tad warm, they are within normal range and nothing out of the ordinary I can see for a high end GPU....being stressed to the max by a test program.
    Whoever told you adding another monitor would add additional stress to your video card is not exactly accurate. Adding another monitor adds no additional "stress" or workload to your GPU, as well as adding another card for SLI, that will have no bearing on how hot the cards get either, as long as you have good case ventilation.
  3. Fangion, I have the same card and playing SWTOR I get about 80* and screaming fans just like yours. Just letting you know your card probably works the way it is intended to, aka hot and loud. I am going to either get an MSI twin frozr or water cool this one. I agree though, way to loud and too hot for a twin fan card!
  4. Do you have any fans on the side panel , if you did then they would blow directly onto the video card. The gpu is designed to have a higher thermal shutdown than a cpu. Where a cpu will shut down at 90c a gpu will shutdown at 120c so when the tech support person tells you that in a stress test the temps are ok then he is most likely correct. I don't think you will reach those temps in a game since a stress test will push the card more then a game would. If you go into the precision software and set the fan at 75% then it will take a lot longer to reach the higher temps.
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