5850 upgrade possibilities

I currently have the 5850 with:

Intel core i5 3.3ghz 2500k (the unlocked one, but OCed turbo to 4.2GHz)
16 gigs of ram
2 monitors at 1920x1080
2x1TB HDD in raid 0 with crucial M4 128 GB SSD

Question, whats a good card to upgrade to? I want to upgrade the card but at same time, i dont want to spend $200 on something thats a really slight upgrade. For example, the base nvidia GTX 560 is a great card but may not be $200 worth in upgrade. These are the choices i am pondering:

560Ti with or without the superclocked
radeon 6950
or, if someone can help me justify it, the 570GTX

I run all my games in 1920x1080 and always do windowed borderless so i can still do things in windows while gaming. Any suggestions? or maybe even a card i am forgetting? Also i heard that nvidia will soon be releasing a newer card here soon, should i wait?

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  1. Just wait the 5850 is a great card. For a 10-20% upgrade it is not worth the money in a new card. Next gen of amd is expect dec-q1 ,nvidia is 2012 q2.
  2. I am looking to upgrade my 5850 by cross firing it with another 5850. Say I find another for 200 dollars, is the performance worth the cost?

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