Silencing a ASUS EN 9800GT

I've gone through two of these cards, my first card was completely silent and eventually died after a year (2010).. sent it in to ASUS for a replacement and since then I've dealt with the loud fan from the video card for over a year.

Since I've had some spare time recently, I've been tweaking my system. I would like to try and silence my card.

I did some research and apparently a lot of these 9800GT cards have very loud fans.

I loaded the SmartDoctor tool to adjust the fan speed to the lowest (35%) and now idles around 47C (116F). I consider this a good temperature and would like to decrease the fan speed even lower if SmartDoctor would allow. Adjusting from default fan speed to 35% has helped tremendously but the fan is still quite loud compared to my first card.

So I'm thinking I should probably invest in an aftermarket cooler to help cool the card better while achieve silence. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should get or any alternatives I can do to silence my card?

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    Personally I think the 9800GT is to old to be investing money into but the good thing about some aftermarket coolers is that you can use it on other models(current) as well.

    I'm pretty sure the location of the socket is the same for the 9800GTX+ as the 9800GT but i'm not positive.In theroy then this should work.But mind you these coolers take of 3 slots total.

    That's a passive cooler so that means it doesn't make any noise which is good but the drawback is that it might yield high temps.Arctic has these clip on fans for it that will still make it silent but move some air which will decrease the temps quite a bit.
  2. Zalman although high priced makes great coolers for such cards as these and it is easy to make a 9800gt silent. It is the high end cards that make things interesting. I own two 9800gt and a 9800gtx as well a 8800gt on the side so I know these cards rather well. All it takes is a good large quality block and a low rpm fan and you wouldn't notice the difference if it were there or not.
  3. Agreed with Stank.

    That card is too old to be spending money on.

    Throwing it out the window will definately silence the card a bit. Save yourself another $50 and get a very good upgrade that will be much much quieter.
  4. Thanks for your suggestions. Decided to order the Accelero Stank suggested. It was only $24.99. I'm not keen on buying a new card since I don't really need a new card. The video games I play run extremely well on my current config.
  5. Watchout for those passive heatsinks.I suggest keeping an eye on your temps after you install it for about a week and see how they are.I would also suggest you buy the clip on fans just in case.They are ultra quiet.
  6. Thanks purple stank, I'll keep this in mind!
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