ASUS Z77 MOBO will it run fan from 3 pin??

Hi I have a question about my ASUS motherboard.

The motherboard supports variable fan speed. The fans that I have are only 3 pin fans and the MOBO has 4 pins. If I understand correctly I can still plug these fans into my mobo, but they will run at full speed.

Is this true?

Also if it is true that they run at 100% at all times can I get a 4 pin adapter which will allow my fan to be variably controlled?

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  1. Hi, Since you have the board and the info related to the question is not clear, why don't you try and let us know?
    Now, it seems that the BIOS doesn't control a 3-pin fan in a 4-pin eader, but the Fan Xpert 2 does. Can you confirm it?
    If no go, an option would be a fan controller.
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