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New TV/Monitor has laggy input...

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a Sony NSX24GT1 Google TV (24" - 1080p). I expected this to be a halfway decent computer monitor (using an HDMI connector from my GTX 560 Ti to the monitor) even though it has an 8.5ms response time. I was surprised once it was connected to see that this monitor appears to have substantial lag especially when I move my mouse. I tested this with gaming however, and the input lag stays, however there is no ghosting that occurs on the monitor. Previously I had a 19" Samsun SyncMaster 940BW (4 ms response time) connected and noticed no such lag. Sometime I also used my other Sony Bravia 32" 720p (Model #KDL-32L4000) which has an 8 ms response time and was connected using a DVI to VGA converter off my graphics card and then connected using a VGA cable straight into the TV. I never noticed any input lag on the 32" Bravia whereas the 24" Google TV has a substantial amount of lag - can see mouse moving even after I stop moving the mouse (like the screen has to catch up with the actual data input). When my 24" and 19" displays are connected together the 24" lags while the 19" stays the same as it was previously. So I guess my question is, should the .5 ms response time make that much of a difference??? Or maybe the 24" Sony TV that I have is defective and isn't operating at 8.5ms??? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Is there any way that I could possibly test to see if the monitor is performing at the 8.5ms response time?
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  1. Hi,
    I received my Sony NSX24GT1 Google TV this afternoon having shopped the past month for an HDTV that could serve as monitor in my study. After returning 3 samsung TV's that arrived either damaged by UPS or defective I was hoping to love this sony google TV combo but I am experiencing the same issue you described above. In addition to the lag the fonts on the NSX24GT1 is not as sharp as the other sammy's I returned. There is this redish hairlike fluff around the fonts that drives me nuts. I am hoping there is an easy fix otherwise going back to amazon.

  2. Hi,
    Sorry to hear about your horrible luck with the Samsung TVs. I'm honestly starting to think that this TV isn't worth it since it's one of the most expensive 24" 1080p HDTVs and yet it has the slowest response time (8.5 milliseconds) whereas a $200 Viore 24" 1080p has a 5 millisecond response. With regards to the fonts, have you tried to change the picture quality? (Home Button -> Menu Button -> Picture & Sound -> Picture Adjustments -> Picture Mode) I have mine set to Graphics, and the image is clear and the font is pretty decent quality. I'm planning on emailing Sony's tech support with regards to the lag to see what they come up with. I highly doubt they're going to offer anything useful but I guess its worth a shot. This lag is really wierd especially since I have a 32" Sony Bravia with an 8 millisecond response time, and the 24" Sony Google TV has an 8.5 millisecond response time, but the Sony Google TV has ridiculous lag. A half of a millisecond definitely should not even be noticeable to the naked eye so I'm not sure how Sony will justify the lag. If they offer anything useful, I will let you know.

    Best of luck with solving the lag and font problems.

  3. Hi Mike,
    I called the sony customer service this afternoon they were apparently clueless of how monitors work. I asked spoke with a supervisor who told me he thinks it is the make of the TV and nothing could be done about it. I am loving some parts of the TV and now torn between returning it or keeping it. I will see it I can get used to this lag without being pissed too much. If it continues to bug me I will return it. I had my picture adjustments set to graphics but still i could see the fonts weren't that nice. I guess the samsung TV's raised the bar too much or maybe I am too picky.
    I will continue searching for a solution for the lag and will post here if I come across one. So far this is the only forum that I have seen talks about this issue.

    Take care
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  5. Hi Godwin,

    Oh wow. Thank you so much! I guess Sony has really dropped the ball then since they are admitting theres lag and they aren't going to do anything about it. I have to agree. There are some really nice features but at the same time that lag is very annoying. I will probably end up returning mine since I was intending to use it as a computer monitor and TV for my college dorm room this coming year and I know there's no way I'm going to be able to put up with that input lag especially if I start gaming. Thanks for posting those links. Best of luck with your Sony TV if you end up keeping it. Hopefully Sony doesn't start keeping input lag as a standard feature on their TVs in the future =\

    Thanks again.
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