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ok so i need a air cooling atm going water later wich case should i get and yah i need filters and is the lvl 10 gt good coz i saw a mod 360 + 240 O_O with the only removeing the top 240mm fan :o

will the haf x but no filters the ft 02 IDK it is small obsidian 800d if the side window was half mesh for fans that would be awesome lol like 230mm side fans and the rest is glass will other case to consider is the TJ07 and BTW im buying from amazone so wich case will be the best on air-water cooling ??
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  1. What....? Why not just buy a case that supports all of it? The obsidian 800D is a good choice.
  2. but it is hot only one intake fan my GPU will die be for i get the water cooling
  3. You can put many fans in the 800D
  4. The 800D has great airflow, I have one running 4 GPU's and It's the coolest case I have ever used, with the bottom and rear 140mm Fans as intakes into the case, and the top 3 120mm as exhausts out of the case. my GPU's are 10degress celcius cooler then in my old case that had a huge side panel fan. mainly due to the fact the 800D has better spacing and more constant airflow, and with hidden cables in other side panel .
  5. so the 800d is a good case wich fans should i get i was thinking of aerocool 2x 140mm bottom and 3x 120mm red led and the back 140mm
  6. Cooler master megaflow fans?
  7. I literally just posted this a moment ago but in my opinion can't go wrong with the HAF-X. I may sound like a broken record, and I've only had few cases. But the HAF-X has some great airflow i'm running an i7-2600k @ 4.8 Ghz (with corsair H100 that looks tiny in this case) and SLI GTX 580 OC'd to 860 MHZ, and all i added was a second top 200mm fan. And the case is so nice and large that I'm upgrading to a dual 360 rad water system set-up thanks to the help of some people here on the forums. Love this case, very affordable to.

    Edit: Sorry you mentioned HAF-X not having filters. It in fact does have does filters. The one at the bottom by PSU is quick and easy pull out. However the top 2 filters and the side door filter require taking off the top (for top) and taking side fan off for that one. not a simple easy slide in out but it's not a major hassle either.
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